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Welcome to Sub Delicious
Saturday, 10 May 2008 09:54

A short history of Sub Delicious, how did we get here, where are we today?

Sub Delicious

39 years ago a single unique Sub Shop was founded. Based on Italian Traditions of culinary excellence and American influences started to take hold in which became the 1st Sub Delicious restaurant in Lockport, New York.

Over the years, Sub Delicious developed into the preferred Buffalo style restaurant in New York State, outselling its competitors like Subway and Quiznos three to one.

Over 30 stores existed in the state of New York and all were operated by the founding family.

With the inclusion of the Sub Delicious concept in the extended offerings of Eclipse Hotels / Eclipse Restaurants, time became precious and all Sub Delicious operations were consolidated into a single model store in Lockport, New York, USA


Menu Spotlights

  • Steak HoagySteak HoagyThis is one of the items we are famous for... delicious
  • Flames RestaurantsRoastbeef on WeckPiled high Roastbeef with our homemade Horseraddish sauce...
  • Original Buffalo WingsBuffalo WingsThe family recipe original direct from Buffalo
  • New York Pizza by da SliceNY Pizza by da SliceWhat we call a slice... others call a whole meal, try it!